Industry Insider Newsletter - Guest Editor, Marie Grieve

As I sit at the desk in my home office, the sun is streaming in through the windows, I can hear enchanting bird song and the wind is gently tickling the leaves of my wisteria. The house is (rather unusually) quiet and somewhat peaceful, and one could be forgiven for momentarily forgetting the world is at war with an invisible enemy.

Throughout these past few weeks, I have repeatedly vowed to remain positive and be thankful for all the amazing things I have in my life, rather than focus on the things I don’t have right now. Which is why technology has become my new best friend, and – as for many others – my portal to the outside world.

“Digital” is a word I use not just daily, but hourly. Perhaps several times per hour. Digital marketing and digital construction, for me, go hand in hand. In my business, we specialise in supporting and nurturing the digital built environment by making it headline news.

The stories I have selected for this newsletter give focus to the ingenuity of digital in the construction industry and turn the spotlight on to the good coming from the ever-evolving technology we as human beings are able to create. At a time when sorrow surrounds us, this is my tribute to the brilliance of humanity.

Marie Grieve, Managing Director, Costello Palmer Communications and Communications and Content Creator for the two Digital Impact stages at Futurebuild.

Date: 03 June 2020

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