01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

Opinion Piece by Dr Dorte Rich Jørgensen

Learn from COVID-19 for Climate Change Crisis

Your invitation to join the ‘Great Transition’ towards living within planetary limits

For the COVID-19 pandemic, not much was prepared to deal with it. Yet the crisis showed what accelerated responses are possible when acting with urgency. Examples are working from home, meeting on-line rather than face to face, homeschooling and adhering to social distancing.

World-wide everyone learned new things whilst making lifestyle changes and living with significant uncertainty for months. During lockdown, there was a growing appreciation for green spaces, clean air, the closeness of wildlife and a reduction in noise. We grew in our love for those who care for us, the NHS, and key workers, and agreed to protect the vulnerable.

With the ease of lockdown we could revert to how things were before. Or we could wait a couple of years until there is a vaccination to get ‘back to normal’. Is that who we want to be, and will we let that happen?

Let us take the opportunity of learning lessons from COVID-19 to help us be better prepared for any future crisis, especially the climate change crisis. The climate change crisis has no short-term fixes and is an on-going long-term challenge, like a marathon.

We already know that we need to transition from a high-carbon and high-pollution lifestyle to living within planetary limits within three decades towards net-zero carbon.

Let us start getting prepared now by accelerating our response to climate change and act with a sense of urgency by using what we learned during COVID-19 to make new choices for our future as individuals and professionals.

That is what the new Futurebuild ACTION webinar series, curated by The Edge, is about. How can each of us create change? Let us influence systems change as has been called for by us as an industry. Let us believe that great change is possible! Whether this change is within the culture of our industry, of our infrastructure and our cities, our way or place of work, and the resources we use.

Are you someone who will join us to commit to the ‘Great Transition’? Would be great to see you there!

It starts NOW! Find out more about the ACTION webinar series.

Continue the conversation with me on LinkedIn.

Dr Dorte Rich Jørgensen is Director of Holistic Sustainability.

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