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Chaline Church:
CO2 Absorbing Paint

Chaline Church, Interiors Architect & Founder, Freespace Design

CO2 Absorbing Paint

Graphenstone paint with its steel-strong graphene nanotechnology is a great product because of its durability and sustainability. It has a multitude of non-toxic interior health benefits eg not off-gassing VOC’s, no carcinogens etc, high PH so it kills viruses and it’s unique ability (just like a tree) to absorb CO2 in its drying process, so it returns to (lime)stone in essence.  Optimized for circularity, clean air, water, energy and health, Graphenstone does not have the sludge made in many synthetic paints (up to 30L of sludge per 1L of synthetic paint does NOT reach our waterways or landfills).

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