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Bill Dunster OBE:
Lithium Ion Phosphate battery

Bill Dunster OBE, Architect and Founder of ZedFactory

Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery – LiPo4

More energy generation means a need for greater energy storage. This compact, chemically stable and lightweight battery is interchangeable with personal electric transport and can store sufficient renewable energy in a building clad in BIPV to power most lifestyles and workstyles throughout night and day.

The LiPo4 takes up no more space than an under desk filing cabinet and can be internet connected to charge or export to the grid on instruction with the capability to store both wind and solar electricity.

Advances in energy storage means that buildings can then become a virtual power station and we reduce the need to use fossil fuels here or across borders. It will be replaced by seawater batteries over time — but that’s just work in progress.

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