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Bill Dunster OBE:
Proctor Wraptite

Bill Dunster OBE, Architect and Founder of ZedFactory

Proctor Wraptite

Achieving airtightness in buildings can be difficult, but it is vital for energy efficiency. Proctor has developed Wraptite, a self-adhesive, vapour permeable airtightness membrane, to change this. This moves the air barrier to the outside of the building, so there are far fewer opportunities for air to penetrate the barrier.

When applied to the mid wall racking board on any frame structure and sealed to doors and windows it is possible to achieve the best continental standards without having to sign up to any of their expensive excel spreadsheets. When combined with superinsulation, triple glazing and heat recovery it is possible to almost eliminate the need for a heating system in the UK. It could also reduce energy demand to the point where it can be easily met by building integrated renewable energy.

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