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Mark Elton

Mark Elton:
Pavatex’s PavaDry Woodfibre insulation boards

Mark Elton, Associate Director at Cowan Architects

Pavatex’s PavaDry woodfibre insulation boards

My second choice is the internal insulation equivalent: Pavatex’s PavaDry woodfibre insulation boards. Manufactured from waste timber (spruce and fir), the boards are designed to be fixed to the interior surface of solid walled buildings – a notoriously tricky environment. However the wood fibre material has magical hygroscopic qualities, meaning that it is capable of managing moisture within its structure and allowing it to migrate through the structure as relative humidity levels require. Being part of the interior, having zero VOCs in the material is critical in promoting healthy indoor air quality. From a practical point of view the boards are tongued and grooved, to ensure a tight fit free from thermal bypass, and are bonded to a 12mm MDF inner layer that provides a loadbearing surface for plasterboard linings and even picture hangings and shelf brackets – most insulations cannot accommodate this. With a thermal conductivity of 0.043 W/mK, this is not the highest performing thermal insulation but this is less critical in a situation where very low U-values might degrade the integrity of the original structure.

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