Microsoft to become water positive by 2030

Microsoft’s new commitment will aim to address water availability, access and quality in the locations where it operates. By 2030, Microsoft will aim to replenish more water than it uses across water-stressed basins.

Around 40 highly stressed water basins located near Microsoft operations will be prioritised, while replenishment strategies will be rolled out across its new data centre region in Arizona alongside locations including Silicon Valley, Israel, Hyderabad, and Puget Sound.

The tech giant will also work with AI for Earth grantees to collect water data to better management replenishment strategies. A $10m Climate Innovation Fund investment in the Emerald Technology Ventures’ Global Water Impact Fund will also be issued by Microsoft.

In addition, the company will partner with to ensure more than 1.5 million people have access to clean drinking water. Microsoft will also join the Water Resilience Coalition from the United Nations Global Compact CEO Water Mandate to address water issues around the planet.

This article originally appeared on edie on 22 September 2020 – read the full article.

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