Public-private partnerships: lessons from COVID-19

The CBI’s latest report Public-private partnerships: lessons from COVID-19 celebrates the successful partnerships between government and industry that have helped tackle the pandemic and ensure communities have had continued access to vital public services. Building on dozens of case studies from UK businesses, the report argues that there are lessons to be learnt from the challenges and opportunities seen during COVID-19 that could serve to make public contracting even stronger in the future.

Making public contracting better for businesses

The report draws out several specific recommendations covering a wide variety of practices, from encouraging new suppliers to streamlining procurement processes. The aim of these recommendations is to carry forward some of the best practices seen during COVID-19 as the UK builds back better, whilst also further driving the changes needed for those elements which have proved challenging to public contracts in recent months.

This article was originally published by the CBI on 23 September 2020 – read the full article.

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