07 - 09 March 2023 | ExCeL, London

07 - 09 March 2023
ExCeL, London

The future of the built environment, Martin Hurn, Event Director, Futurebuild

16 July 2021

The future of the built environment

In 2019, the UK Government set an ambitious goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050. As one of the largest contributors to the UK’s carbon footprint, producing 42 per cent of carbon emissions, the built environment has a crucial role to play. While 2050 may seem far away, in reality we only have a few years to make the transformational changes required to eliminate emissions — much of the infrastructure we build today will still stand in 30 years.

Prior to and since the Government’s announcement, the built environment was working towards reducing its contribution to the UK’s carbon footprint. Brands have introduced new materials, technologies and processes to improve sustainability and circularity. At Futurebuild, sustainability has always been the main focus at our event and we have been exhibiting the game changing technologies from innovative brands for 16 years.

During the past year or so, we have been engaging with our community and showcasing game changing products through digital events and webinars but we know that some of the best ideas come from in person collaboration. Futurebuild 2022 will be held in March to provide this opportunity to collaborate across sectors and address the key issues our industry faces.

An important year for sustainability

The next year will be fundamental for inspiring transformational change in the industry — the race to net zero is on and we must take action.

COP26 will be a key milestone in our journey to net zero — the summit will dedicate a day to discussing the built environment for the first time. COP26 president Alok Sharma announced plans to include the Built Environment Day, stating that “action to decarbonise the buildings and construction sector is critical to meeting our Paris Agreement goals.”

Futurebuild 2022

The outcomes of COP26 will help to accelerate sustainable initiatives and inspire transformational change, but the industry must also come together to share the technologies we’ll need to make these changes. The outcomes will also help shape the Futurebuild Conference Programme, which will bring thought leaders together to address key industry issues and we’ll showcase the products that will propel the industry to innovate to net zero.

Net zero pioneers

This year we’re celebrating the net zero pioneers. These are the businesses and people who are already developing the technologies that will help us to achieve net zero emissions. Our curated event ensures that we only showcase the ‘best in class’ — the companies with the most innovative products and solutions.

Any business, and any person, can be a net zero pioneer — from construction powerhouses, to promising start-ups and from CEOs to apprentices. We want to share their innovations with our audience to inspire transformational change and pave the way for a sustainable built environment.

Futurebuild is well known at the home of innovation, so it’s the essential platform to exhibit existing, or launch new, disruptive technologies for the sustainable built environment! Businesses can showcase these technologies in front of our quality audience of buyers and specifiers who are attending to source and purchase new solutions. The breakthroughs and innovations we uncover will lead to new connections and new ways of thinking that will ultimately lead to a net zero future.

 Futurebuild is a net zero pioneer — are you?

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