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How decision makers in construction use communication channels

25 Oct 2019

How decision makers in construction use communication channels

The Construction Media Index is a comprehensive and impartial set of research reports detailing the communication channels available for engaging with the construction sector decision makers. The consolidated report presents findings for decision makers across construction. It gives figures for how key decision makers in construction use communication channels.

Communication channel usage by construction decision makers
The consolidated findings from the 2019 Construction Media Index shows that the most trusted information sources involve a personal link, and although use of social media by construction professions has seen some fall off since 2017, there is net growth.

Overall social media is an important source of information and ideas for the construction professional, but it needs to be part of an integrated communications programme.

These reports are a must for the construction marketer seeking to develop a comprehensive communications strategy. They can be purchased online at:


More about the Construction Media Index 2019 research:
The Construction Media Index, now in its sixth edition, is the only impartial research for the construction industry on traditional and digital communication channels. Researching construction decision makers to learn how they gather information to inform their purchase and design decisions.

The Construction Media Index is published by Competitive Advantage Consultancy and sponsored by CIB, Ridgemount PR and Tangerine Communications and is available to purchase online at: www.cadvantage-knowledge.co.uk

The compendium of reports cover:

  • Consolidated Construction £1000 + VAT
  • Architects £500 + VAT
  • Main Contractors £500 + VAT
  • Housebuilders £400 + VAT
  • Quantity Surveyors £400 + VAT
  • Plumbers £400 + VAT

Each Construction Media Index report in the compendium takes a comprehensive look at traditional and digital media readership, usage of social networks, sources of product information and ideas, sources of technical information, use of product directories, technical seminars and live events.

The objectives of the Construction Media Index 2019 is to:

  • Provide an impartial report for use by the construction industry
  • Identify the key traditional and digital media used by type of decision maker and market sector
  • Identify the industry publications which are actually read
  • To understand how social media is being used by construction industry decision makers
  • To understand how construction decision makers source product information
  • To provide an understanding of how live events and CPD are used


For further information please contact:
Michael Prince
Competitive Advantage Consultancy Ltd
01252 378053

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