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21 Jun 2016


Ecobuild launches a challenge to the industry: to come together and redefine the meaning of sustainability in the built environment. The challenge is to establish how the idea of sustainability applies to construction products and to the way buildings are designed, engineered and constructed. All this takes place in a complex context: the way people live, work and behave is constantly evolving. The Government has cut financial incentives for the renewables sector in a still difficult economic, political and legislative environment. And there is the ever-present issue of climate change, which remains one of the greatest global challenges for the next generation. In May, Ecobuild’s independently commissioned survey of over 2,100 industry professionals showed beyond any question that issues of sustainable development remain at the top of the agenda for built environment professionals. It will be driven by major infrastructure led regeneration, accelerated housing development and focus on the industry’s many growth sectors and technology innovations. What does sustainability mean to you, now and in the future? But it is also evident that the definition and the industry’s common understanding of sustainability needs to evolve. No longer just about low-carbon construction, building performance and responsible sourcing, the sustainability agenda is reaching forward into place making and how sustainable communities and infrastructure are delivered now and in the future. Following the goal of sustainability will still mean reducing waste and making an efficient business case. However, we are realising more and more that these need to be achieved along with people orientated considerations such as skills shortage, how the next generation demand to work and live, and how occupier wellbeing is becoming an ever?greater part of the way we think about performance and productivity. The vision is to create a shared understanding of the sustainability drivers and objectives for every stage of the specification and supply chain. And then work together more effectively to deliver buildings and places that are energy efficient and enhance quality of life in a cost-effective way. From client to architect, developer to contractor and engineer ? we’re asking everyone to use their voice and share their questions, opinions, ideas and frustrations using #SustainabilityIs. Join the debate? Ask your colleagues, your clients, your suppliers what sustainability means to them? there are a thousand different facets to this discussion, each one loaded with opportunities for us to collaborate as an industry, to provide the solutions and innovation to catalyse growth. Already we’ve had a phenomenal response ? the industry really wants to talk about this! Here are just a selection of contributions so far ? see the rest at www.ecobuild.co.uk and add your thoughts. The industry’s stage This week we held the first of our industry round tables, chaired by Julie Hirigoyen, CEO of UK-Green Building Council with high-profile figures from across the built environment sectors, including the Construction Products Association, BRE, Marks & Spencer, CIBSE and the Institution of Civil Engineers. Key outcomes of the debate will be shared at the All Party Group for Construction and Urban Development, hosted by Building, at the House of Commons later this month and published by Ecobuild with our partners. Further round tables will discuss other growth drivers for regeneration and the housing crisis. These discussions are helping us to shape Ecobuild 2017 into what you want the UK’s largest construction and energy exhibition and conference to be. With over 33,300 professionals, it’s the industry’s stage for debate and discovery, the perfect platform for industry collaboration. Following the Ecobuild 2017 event, we will publish an industry manifesto for sustainability, together with our partners and with your contributions. I urge you to share your views now via www.ecobuild.co.uk, or through social media using #SustainabilityIs. Martin Hurn, Brand Director ? Ecobuild
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