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  • National Infrastructure Assessment: the roadmap to meet our infrastructure needs is welcome: now for delivery

    20 Jul 2018 Colin Wood, managing director, transportation, UK & Ireland, AECOM

    Colin Wood, managing director of transportation at AECOM gives his opinion and insights into the delivery of infrastructure in the UK and what should now be prioritised. 

  • The long, hot summer of ’18 should mark a turning point in the cavalier way we treat our world, suggests Phil Coffey.
  • Our industry needs radical change to meet the government’s ambitions, but there’s a more direct threat we need to face up to.
  • Will Squires reveals what he’s discovered about placemaking – and why it’s vital to embrace new ways of thinking.
  • Julia Park urges architects to pay more attention to the long-term maintenance of housing they design.
  • Bioregional Blog: Why the Sustainable Development Goals matter for companies in the built environment – and how to get started

    14 Jun 2018 Catherine Rubbens, Programme Manager of Sustainable Business, Bioregional
    Catherine Rubbens of Bioregional writes about why you should join the increasing number organisations focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • UK construction is seeing an increase in the uptake of Offsite Manufacture. This method of construction promises to deliver greater build efficiencies in the areas of: costs; build standards and sustainability; reliability; health & safety; labour and speed of construction.

  • The construction and property sector can lead the way on the SDGs

    17 Apr 2018 Sue Riddlestone, OBE, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Bioregional
    This year’s Ecobuild, held in London last month, was framed by the question: how can the construction and property sector help achieve the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement?
  • How a small lapel pin sparked big conversations at ecobuild 2018

    20 Mar 2018 Emmelie Brownlee, One Planet Communications Manager, Bioregional
    Last week, Bioregional enjoyed three days at ecobuild 2018. Emmelie Brownlee shares what we got up to, and why a lapel pin proved to be an excellent engagement tool
  • Breaking down the skills gap within the construction industry

    06 Mar 2018 Shenaaz Chenia, Director of Industry and Community Training from Saint-Gobain
    There’s no doubt that we’re on the cusp of the largest ever construction delivery, with the need for 300 thousand new homes. How the industry responds to this challenge is firmly in the spotlight.
  • Exposure to air pollution is the fifth ranking human health risk factor globally, following malnutrition, dietary risks, high blood pressure, and tobacco’ *

  • A Fresh Approach to Construction’s Gender Gap

    01 Mar 2018 Sue James, on behalf of the ecobuild Conference Team

    The number of women currently working in construction in the UK makes up for just 13 per cent of the total workforce in this sector. Shockingly, this is one of the highest levels it’s been over the last twenty years. 

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