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    20 Dec 2016 Ecobuild
    By Imogen Cust, Engineering Research and Development Manager, Marks & Spencer Responsible retail is essential for a sustainable future, and Ecobuild’s Big Innovation Pitch with M&S will give?

    26 Oct 2016
    Employers, building owners, designers and developers throughout the world are showing that it pays to invest in greener offices that keep their occupants healthy and happy, a report from the World?
  • Terri Wills, CEO of World Green Building Council: Buildings must be transformed from simply functional infrastructure into part of the solution to combat global climate change. When people think?
  • Effective lifecycle analysis of buildings means looking carefully at choice of materials Whole-life performance is a term that has traditionally referred to the total cost of building ownership, but?
  • The recent Ecobuild roundtable on Redefining Sustainability threw up a mixed response in terms of defining what sustainability really means. It was acknowledged that great progress and thought?
  • We need to go further. The way we live is evolving. Boundaries are blurring faster than ever ? between work and play, between performance and sustainability, between design and function. This is why?
  • It seems particularly timely to be opening up the debate once more on what #SustainabilityIs and what it 'Is Not’. Given the dramatic changes in the UK policy landscape over the past 12 months, it?
  • Ecobuild launches a challenge to the industry: to come together and redefine the meaning of sustainability in the built environment. The challenge is to establish how the idea of sustainability?
  • Conceived over 100 years ago, district energy systems that link buildings using a network of heating pipes are now gaining traction as an energy-efficient solution for urban and rural areas District?
  • We have a problem facing us ? and it’s a complex one. Densely populated mature nations of the West are consuming the bulk of world’s finite resources and energy, and there is rising demand from the?
  • As my Grandfather was fond of saying many years ago ?Waste not, want not’. This was before the word sustainability was invented, CO2 was something you learnt about in chemistry lessons and Climate?

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