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  • On 12 December, registered voters will head to the voting stations across the UK to vote in a third election in five years.

    This follows a long period of deliberation about the UK’s place in European Union which raised many relationship issues relating to the built and natural environments; most notably, immigration and the UK skills shortage.

  • The identity of the next government might well be uncertain, but regardless of which party or coalition takes up the mantle on the 13 December, they must do so with a clear plan for the UK’s infrastructure. This blog sets out three clear steps that the new government must take to ensure that our society is able to benefit from the very best infrastructure networks.

  • People, places and the planet: RIBA's election manifesto
  • The built environment is awash with waste. From consumer packaging and uneaten food to construction waste, the human race has become addicted to throwing stuff away.
  • To achieve a zero-carbon future, alternative fuel supplies, including their generation and distribution, must be seriously investigated both practically and commercially. Maritime Expert Panel member, Neil Glover, discusses the opportunities for far from shore wind farms, and the opportunities for hydrogen that may result.
  • Construction will be hoping that more homes, schools, hospitals and infrastructure represent more than just key battleground on 12 December
  • Building Regulations govern all aspects of construction in the UK, but there is an increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions from our homes.
  • Artificial intelligence is no longer the preserve of science fiction, writes Tom Oulton.
  • The real proof will be in the pudding: actual investments being made, planning approvals for Net Zero infrastructure and that infrastructure being built.
  • The sixth edition of the Construction Media Index research is now available!

    Competitive Advantage Consultancy Ltd have surveyed construction decision makers, asking them questions about their traditional and digital media readership , their use of blogs, vlogs and podcasts, social media activity, use of product directories and attendance of technical seminars and live events.

    This impartial research provides evidence based guidance for developing communication strategies to Architects, Main Contractors, Housebuilders, Quantity Surveyors and Plumbers.

  • The main political parties should stop with the soundbites and base housing plans on solid data, not random figures
  • New industry data showing that electricity exported to the distribution networks doubled between 2012 and 2018, with growth largely coming from ‘variable’ sources, is sparking calls for the regulator Ofgem to prioritise flexibility and ditch damaging ‘Targeted Charging Review’ reforms.

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