03-05 March 2020 / ExCeL, London
Tue & Wed 10:00 – 18:00, Thu 10:00 – 16:00



  • Seeking underdeveloped urban sites and building on brownfield must be paired with genuine commitment to tackling the shortage

  • What will a Johnson premiership mean for construction?

  • Britain is at the forefront of the fight to protect the environment with world-class designers and engineers – but we need more government action
  • Details are needed on subsidy level, and how the job will actually get done
  • If we are to make really interesting places it will take collaboration - and risk, says Martyn Evans
  • Head of Communications and Policy Julia Hawkins spoke to Sky News yesterday about the Committee on Climate Change's damning new progress report. Here she gives her thoughts on how real progress can be made at home
  • The recent launch of an open-source app to facilitate early planning for using offsite systems is a thoroughly modern solution that should help drive a modern way of working.

  • Josie Rothera explains why industry needs to focus on lifelong learning, engagement and diversity to tackle the skills gap. 

  • Make it simple, stupid

    01 Jul 2019 Iain Parker, partner, Alinea

    Collecting information has never been easier, but it’s all a bit pointless unless we have clever and effective ways to turn it into insights, then user-friendly information.

  • How to make planning a cause célèbre

    01 Jul 2019 Elizabeth Hopkirk, Assistant Editor, Building Design

    Ordinary people are clueless about the faults of our planning system. We have to find a way to engage them.

  • Inadequate housing supply and poor-quality homes are a problem that in the 21st-century we should be able to solve
  • For instance, product manufacturers must provide easily comparable information so design teams can make informed decisions, says Andrew Mellor

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