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  • UK construction is now ready to be a world-beater

    02 Nov 2018 Sam Stacey, Challenge Director, Transforming Construction - Innovate UK
    Sam Stacey, the Challenge Director for Transforming Construction at Innovate UK gives his thoughts in this piece on construction is facing a once-in-a-generation opportunity for transformation and that can establish the UK as a role model and service provider for construction around the world.
  • With Brexit already taking its toll on construction’s workforce, Andrew Stunell, Liberal Democrat construction spokesperson, says we have to act with speed to mitigate the worst effects of this political folly
  • Mace's pitch to solve construction's plastic problem

    26 Oct 2018 Isabelle McAllister, Director of Sustainability, Mace
    More than 300m tonnes of plastic waste now litter the world’s oceans, risking the disruption and decline of the delicate ecosystem that supports so much life across the globe. But what does plastic in the ocean have to do with UK construction sites?
  • Are we creating enough in-depth learning spaces?

    22 Oct 2018 Helen Groves, architect director, Atkins

    Helen Groves says that while universities have great areas where students can work together and interact, they lack spaces to allow quiet immersion in study

  • Does fracking undermine the idea of Green GB?

    22 Oct 2018 Sue Riddlestone OBE, CEO, Bioregional

    This week the UK Government is running Green GB Week – a week of activity to celebrate ‘clean growth.’ Sue Riddlestone OBE, CEO of Bioregional, calls for the government to become a pioneer for climate change action once more

  • This week the government announced it was banning combustible materials on new high-rises. With details still to emerge, PRP’s Andrew Mellor explores what the measure could mean for architects
  • A programme that delivers good returns

    02 Oct 2018 David Barwell, Chief Executive, UK & Ireland, Aecom
    David Barwell calls on the industry to consider career returner programmes to help tackle gender imbalance and the skills shortage.
  • Public land sell-offs are often delayed because they are also frequently controversial - but might this be a desperately sought-after solution?
  • Craig McBride, specification manager at Tobermore, says despite the sunny summer, wetter winters are the norm and flooding will continue to be an issue, unless permeable paving and sustainable urban drainage systems are adopted on new developments
  • Architects love to break the mould – but you ignore the rules of urban design at your peril, says David Rudlin
  • The government has identified 14 new Garden Villages across England[1] aimed at providing settlements of between 1,500 and 10,000 homes - potentially delivering more than 48,000 homes.
  • Social skills

    07 Sep 2018
    The collapse of Carillion should lead to a renewed focus on the positive impact that construction businesses can have on society

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