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  • The latest output figures show Brexit is hitting construction hard, as projects get parked in the face of unpredictability around costs and demand
  • We've hit a breakthrough moment in climate change - the buildings sector must not squander it, argues John Alker of the UK Green Building Council
  • On 23 May, Lewis Knight will be helping to deliver One Planet Living training for SMEs in Oxfordshire. He explains why the sustainability framework can help create innovation
  • More emphasis should be made on the whole-life benefits of major infrastructure projects than cost, says a new ICE policy report.
  • Will new-builds be banned from connecting to the gas grid?

    13 May 2019 Paul Steen, associate director, Ramboll

    How feasible is the Committee on Climate Change’s recommendation?

  • How housebuilding can help save the world

    13 May 2019 Catherine Senda is managing director of Curtin&Co

    Curtin&Co’s managing director on construction’s potential to combat climate change and create sustainable communities

  • Finally the winds of change are blowing, but what next? Ronan Leyden, Bioregional's head of sustainable places, has some ideas
  • In welcoming  the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) report, the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) has set out the central role that decentralised energy will play in delivering the CCC’s net zero ambitions.

  • Rescuing a palimpsest is never straightforward, says Martyn Evans. But it will be fascinating

  • Open spaces are something to be cherished

    15 Apr 2019 Richard Kauntze, chief executive, British Council for Offices
    Can it really be wise to sacrifice so much potentially lettable space? Research suggests an unequivocal “yes”
  • Will we burn fossil fuels to power wind turbines in the future?

    15 Apr 2019 Vasilije Manovic Professor of Carbon Systems Engineering, Cranfield University

    Vasilije Manovic, Professor of Carbon Systems Engineering, Cranfield University, discusses how the push for clean energy may be prompting some unexpected solutions to Goal 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • 2018 was the year of plastics - could 2019 turn out to be the year of climate change? Perhaps, says Bioregional CEO Sue Riddlestone, but policy change will only be successful if it truly listens to people.

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