02-04 March 2021 / ExCeL, London
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  • Josie Rothera explains why industry needs to focus on lifelong learning, engagement and diversity to tackle the skills gap. 

  • Make it simple, stupid

    01 Jul 2019 Iain Parker, partner, Alinea

    Collecting information has never been easier, but it’s all a bit pointless unless we have clever and effective ways to turn it into insights, then user-friendly information.

  • How to make planning a cause célèbre

    01 Jul 2019 Elizabeth Hopkirk, Assistant Editor, Building Design

    Ordinary people are clueless about the faults of our planning system. We have to find a way to engage them.

  • Inadequate housing supply and poor-quality homes are a problem that in the 21st-century we should be able to solve
  • For instance, product manufacturers must provide easily comparable information so design teams can make informed decisions, says Andrew Mellor
  • The latest output figures show Brexit is hitting construction hard, as projects get parked in the face of unpredictability around costs and demand
  • We've hit a breakthrough moment in climate change - the buildings sector must not squander it, argues John Alker of the UK Green Building Council
  • On 23 May, Lewis Knight will be helping to deliver One Planet Living training for SMEs in Oxfordshire. He explains why the sustainability framework can help create innovation
  • More emphasis should be made on the whole-life benefits of major infrastructure projects than cost, says a new ICE policy report.
  • Will new-builds be banned from connecting to the gas grid?

    13 May 2019 Paul Steen, associate director, Ramboll

    How feasible is the Committee on Climate Change’s recommendation?

  • How housebuilding can help save the world

    13 May 2019 Catherine Senda is managing director of Curtin&Co

    Curtin&Co’s managing director on construction’s potential to combat climate change and create sustainable communities

  • Finally the winds of change are blowing, but what next? Ronan Leyden, Bioregional's head of sustainable places, has some ideas

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