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  • The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has responded to the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government Social Housing Green Paper.

  • Behold the project of the future – but it needs your help

    20 Aug 2018 Jaimie Johnston, director and head of global systems, Bryden Wood

    Let’s step a year or two into the future - Jaimie Johnston, director and head of global systems, Bryden Wood

  • Here's some holiday reading, housing minister

    10 Aug 2018 Julia Park, Head of Housing - Research, Levitt Bernstein

    The new line-up at the Housing Ministry needs to do some swotting over the summer

  • Bioregional CEO Sue Riddlestone talks about how we must burn less fossil fuels to stop an unbearably hot future

  • Legal: Facing up to mental health

    03 Aug 2018 Charles Urquhart, Partner, Clyde & Co

    Employers slack on staff mental health may face disability discrimination claims

  • Strategies, reports and the future of the industry: just do it

    03 Aug 2018 Ann Bentley, global board director, Rider Levett Bucknall

    There’s no lack of holiday reading for those interested in how the industry needs to change, but perhaps it’s time to move on and put all these recommendations into action

  • There is only one path to decarbonising heat – we must realise that now

    27 Jul 2018 Barny Evans, technical director of energy, waste and sustainable places, WSP

    Barny Evans, technical director of energy, waste and sustainable places at WSP, talks through his opinions on how the sector can decarbonise heat in a variety of ways.  

  • Offsite has the Lords' backing – now it's time for action

    27 Jul 2018 Matthew Bool, Partner - Construction Team, Ashurst

    Matthew Bool, Partner - Construction Team, Ashurst - The impetus towards wide-scale endorsement of offsite manufacturing (OSM) continues to intensify.

  • National Infrastructure Assessment: the roadmap to meet our infrastructure needs is welcome: now for delivery

    20 Jul 2018 Colin Wood, managing director, transportation, UK & Ireland, AECOM

    Colin Wood, managing director of transportation at AECOM gives his opinion and insights into the delivery of infrastructure in the UK and what should now be prioritised. 

  • The long, hot summer of ’18 should mark a turning point in the cavalier way we treat our world, suggests Phil Coffey.
  • Our industry needs radical change to meet the government’s ambitions, but there’s a more direct threat we need to face up to.
  • Will Squires reveals what he’s discovered about placemaking – and why it’s vital to embrace new ways of thinking.

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