07 - 09 March 2023 | ExCeL, London

07 - 09 March 2023
ExCeL, London




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Our future is yet to be determined...

The FutureX podcast is brought to you by Futurebuild, in partnership with Ryder Architecture.

Hosted by Martin Hurn, event director at Futurebuild and Dr Oliver Jones, research director at Ryder Architecture, the podcast series will share ideas on how the built environment can overcome the many issues and challenges that it currently faces. FutureX will bring together some of the brightest minds, most disruptive thinkers and innovators to build a community of likeminded people that can begin to make a real change.



Why FutureX? Why now?

In the past, sustainability was often seen by the construction industry as a choice but this has now dramatically shifted. Now it is a moral and legal obligation that will affect our choices and business decisions.

After many inspiring conversations between Martin Hurn, Event Director, Futurebuild and Dr Oliver Jones, Research Director, Ryder Architecture around sustainability and achieving net-zero, it soon became apparent that Futurebuild and Ryder had so much more to talk about. We share the same values and thoughts around how we can overcome the many critical issues and challenges that our industry and our planet are currently facing.

FutureX is about giving a voice to those we don’t hear enough from, not just the people within our industry but the inspiring figures from outside of the built environment. We’ll be delving into Oliver’s black book and will speak to these inspiring people over the next few months, on this podcast.


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In the first episode, your hosts Martin Hurn, Event Director at Futurebuild and Dr Oliver Jones, Research Director at Ryder Architecture introduce FutureX and explain the importance of giving a voice and platform to disruptors from different sectors to improve the health of people, communities and importantly our planet.


maria smith, buro happold

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In this episode, you can listen to Maria Smith, Director of Sustainability & Physics at Buro Happold in conversation with Martin Hurn and Dr Oliver Jones. Maria talks through the ten key principles from the latest publication from the RIBA and Architects Declare and shares their opinion on why the built environment has the capability to accelerate our delivery of a net zero future and what we need to do next.

pioneers, disruptors & Innovators

FutureX themes & topics

Martin and Oliver will be interviewing many inspiring people and discussing some key topics; pathway to net-zero, innovate to transform, the role of retrofit within net-zero, advanced materials combine carbon negative concrete into that, biotech, nature based solutions, sustainable smart cities and much more!

With Dr Oliver Jones & Martin Hurn

innovation guru

About Oliver

Oliver studied architecture at Northumbria University then re-joined the higher education sector to lecture and sit his doctorate in digital architecture and architectural psychology. Oliver directs ongoing research projects at Ryder, he works with government policy makers, international funding bodies, academic networks and industry partners and conducts collaborative, pioneering research across many areas of the AEC sector. And that’s not all…

sustainability champion

About Martin

Martin Hurn is Event Director at Futurebuild and has led the team for many years. He joined the event when it known as ecobuild and has championed the drive to a more sustainable built environment. Martin rebranded the event to Futurebuild and really put the focus on the future of the built environment, shining a spotlight on the innovations that our industry has to offer, that will help to achieve a net-zero future.

pioneers, disruptors & Innovators

Tune in to FutureX

Tune in to the FutureX series of podcasts and hear Martin Hurn and Dr Oliver Jones in conversation with the brightest minds, the disruptive thinkers and most exciting innovators.

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Join the community

What you can expect in the FutureX podcast series

FutureX is all about a future yet to be determined. The purpose is to bring together some of the brightest minds to transform the built environment industry. Martin and Oliver will be interviewing these people and building a community of like minded people and businesses around them. Sign up and be the first to hear when the podcasts have been released.

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