03-05 March 2020 / ExCeL, London
Tue & Wed 10:00 – 18:00, Thu 10:00 – 16:00

Event News & Product Innovators

Event News & Product Innovators

  • Futurebuild attendees are at the very centre of everything we do as an event. They guide our overarching vision, they shape the event experience and, of course, they are decision-makers and opinion-shapers that will drive forward the future of the industry.
  • Where did 2019 go you may be asking yourself. Yes, it’s been just over twelve months since the first two documents within the ISO 19650 series were published - with two more to follow later this year. But what have we learnt? Have they lived up to the hype? Does anyone really care?
  • We have had the technology for a while now, and we have been finetuning our processes, and the truth is that we will only arrive in the Future of the Built environment by wholeheartedly adopting BIM.
  • The big idea is the 'National Digital Twin' (NDT): not one massive model of everything, but an ecosystem of connected digital twins for economic infrastructure and the wider built environment.
  • Commodify or Bye is a play on the now industry famous Modernise or Die report of Mark Farmer in 2016 and provides some insight and thoughts into UK strategy and policy as well as some options as a route to navigating through industry transformation.
  • Prior to joining briq.works last year Vicki Goodin worked in travel technology for many years and has a good insight in to the impact the adoption of purpose built technology can have on an industry.
  • Three of the largest R&D initiatives in the history of the UK’s construction sector are set to appear together at a trade event for the first time, as the UK Research & Innovation’s Transforming Construction Challenge partners are announced as Lead Innovation Partner at Futurebuild 2020.
  • With the general consensus that we must act now if we are to avoid an irreversible climate crisis, a game-changing Arena programme has been announced for Futurebuild 2020 focused on transforming the industry to achieve a resilient and truly sustainable environment.
  • Registration has opened for Futurebuild 2020 with a call to industry to act now if we are to successfully tackle the challenges facing us all. By joining the event from 03 to 05 March at ExCeL London, visitors will be able to unite with industry innovators to tackle climate change and become the catalyst for change that’s so greatly needed.

  • As the need for more sustainable solutions in both new and retrofit projects increases, Futurebuild has announced an exclusive new partnership with standards organisation, MCS, to deliver a dedicated ...
  • The Big Innovation Pitch is back with a bang for Futurebuild 2020. With innovation running through the veins of the event, which takes place from 03 to 05 March at ExCeL London, the timing of the competition’s return is perfect. The 2020 edition will up the ante, with innovative product manufacturers putting forward radical solutions to Futurebuild’s six key challenges, before one is crowned champion.

  • The highest-performing construction companies and suppliers will be honoured at the upcoming Considerate Constructors Scheme’s National Awards.

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