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Speaker preview: Colin Bell

25 Feb 2020

Speaker preview: Colin Bell

Speaker preview: Colin Bell

Changing the perception and mentality of engineering and building professionals, working for a leading Tier 1 in the UK, was initially a difficult proposition. However, despite some rocks in the water, the seas of change have brought new possibilities, greater clarity, dynamic integration and anytime access to project information to all stakeholders involved at a Sir Robert McAlpine site.

For a 150-year-old construction business, transformation, especially a digital transformation, was always going to be a significant shift in both mindset and practicability – why fix something when it doesn’t appear to be broken? By adopting a unilateral approach, which integrated all facets of the construction process, and which is rooted within our core leadership, we have embedded a Digital Strategy which over the first 2 years has achieved more than we could have hoped and has led us to the next steps of full digital immersion.

Offering full sight of the SRM BIM Strategy, I intend to demonstrate how we made sure that overarching delivery was our key focus. Adopting a client and project first approach meant inclusivity could be at the forefront of our strategy ensuring we identified the correct people, technology and associated metrics to allow us to learn, educate, thrive, develop and innovate. Building on the engineering and technical excellence, that SRM are synonymous for, our digital strategy now not only supports but underpins and overarches project delivery.

Embedding our digital strategy was easy, but the journey has only just begun…..

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