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Speaker preview: David Owens

25 Feb 2020

Speaker preview: David Owens

Speaker preview: David Owens

Disrupt, or be disrupted!

Exciting times are ahead! We are witnessing the revolution of design and engineering. Architects and Engineers are using their ingenuity, along with modern computer science to develop new digital, data-centric processes and platforms. The aim is to reduce or remove mundane repetitive tasks in our creative process, to make massive strides to cure our productivity problems and usher in a new age of open, transparent, connected and sustainable development.

Automation in design has the power to improve and de-risk the delivery of the built environment and change the world.

Who will lead the revolution?
We have already seen spin-offs from Google Labs; the short-lived Flux.io who burned bright before fading. However, a phoenix may rise from its ashes in Helix RE! The next off the Alphabet production line is Sidewalk Labs or might the disruptor be new boys Katerra? Although WeWork has had issues with its IPO, the technology developed there will find a place in the market sooner or later!

UK’s place in the world
What about homegrown talent? I’ve worked with BrydenWood and seen first hand how they have transformed the approach to housing, schools and Smart Motorways?!?!?! Just have a read of the Department for Transport’s view in Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy (TIES).

Might the change be instigated by the client, this week we’ve seen Heathrow state in the Construction Magazine, that data is more important than the assets it represents!

What next?
Is this a flash in the pan like BIM or a real change? Does the industry have the appetite to think differently, for clients to intelligently specify the data it wants, to change its procurement pathways to reward efficiency? And to benefit from the skills that industry is developing to enable its digital transformation?

Or will we see a massive tech company come in and do it for us? Will we Disrupt, or be disrupted?

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