02-04 March 2021 / ExCeL, London
Tue & Wed 10:00 – 18:00, Thu 10:00 – 16:00

Digital Impact

Digital Impact

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Sir Robert McAlpine     UK Connect

Digital Impact

Digital impact will offer Futurebuild visitors a new experience in the digital ecosystem of construction. It will feature the most advanced technology and the most brilliant minds this industry has to offer, delivering content to cater for all levels of understanding and adoption of BIM and digital construction methodologies.

Digital impact will equip visitors with the mindset, and provide access to tools and resources, which will allow them to successfully navigate their transformational use of digital construction and shape their future. 

Digital impact will be powered by world class innovators and trailblazing practitioners through a blend of professionals from all sectors within the construction industry. 

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Why Digital impact?

For those businesses who are looking to adopt modern ways of working so that they can deliver better products and services, compete more effectively in the digital economy and bring new ideas to market, Digital impact is the place to be.

Digital impact will help businesses go further, expand their expertise and open up new opportunities. By sharing knowledge through practical insights, thought leadership and tried and tested methods, we will expand the understanding of digital construction, giving businesses a competitive edge.

Who will be there?

The wonders of advancing technologies for construction will be the essence of this new part of Futurebuild, where the speaker programme will feature leaders, pioneers and game-changers as well as stories from those who are achieving outstanding results and what processes they follow to achieve this.

The display space will showcase the very best of digital construction in today’s modern built environment, with demonstrations of immersive technology, the wonders of robotics and the processes driving the insurgence of digitising the way we design and build.

Change one thing, change the future

This is your time to show the construction world just what makes your business a digital construction leader and why Digital impact visitors absolutely need your products and services to fulfil their digital destinies.

For many visitors it will be an early exploration of digital construction, which means introductions to new prospects and the opportunity to build lasting relationships.

For Digital impact’s premier outing at Futurebuild do you want to be the business who wasn’t there?

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Sponsorship of Digital impact

Only one exclusive sponsorship package exists for Digital impact; “centre stage sponsorship”

As our only stage sponsor, this makes this coveted package extraordinarily special. Your brand will be exposed to every visitor witnessing the crazy-cool speakers and their content, and you’ll be directly associated with being the business which is aligned to the brilliance of the talks, demonstrations and insights spilling out of the stage.

Plus you get to bring some of your own experts to do some of the talking.

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