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Exhibitor Warning

Exhibitor Warning

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Event GuidesWe are delighted to introduce you to Event Guides Limited, our brand-new Official Publications partner. Designed to help you influence the purchasing decisions of visitors, the Official Event Preview and Official Event Guide provide an opportunity for exhibitors to create a powerful brand presence before, during and after the event.

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Industry related scams

We advise all booked and potential exhibitors/customers to check the small print before signing anything related to Futurebuild (and any other events you may exhibit at.)

It has been brought to our attention by the AEO (Association of Exhibition Organisers) that our exhibitors are being targeted by companies claiming to be, or work with, our organisation. These companies may even use Futurebuild event branding and appear genuine.  

Organisations such as Event Fair, FairGuide.com/Construct Data Verlag, Expo Guide (Mexico) and International Fairs Directory (Portugal) are targeting exhibitors with their misleading directory services. Unsuspecting exhibitors who sign and return the form are then contracted into a three-year, non-retractable agreement, which could cost the exhibitor a significant amount of money,

It is, however, not just directories, we have been informed that exhibitors have also been targeted by alleged hotel companies and those offering the data of visitor attendees, including companies such as Global Exposes, Tekinfo Hub Services, Events Summit and Event Attendees.  It is therefore extremely important that your customers remain vigilant when signing documents seemingly related to your events. 

The AEO advises exhibitors who fall victim to this scam the following:

Our advice is to IGNORE THEM COMPLETELY, and not communicate with them in any way. Writing letters simply confirms that you exist and are available at the address/email address/number they have for you, and therefore payment can be pursued.

1) Report it to your local trading standards 


3) DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THE SCAMMERS even when they threaten legal action

4) Optional: Complain to the receiving bank that their client Expo Guide (or equivalent), is obtaining money by deception.

These organisations have also been known to use debt recovery agencies, the same advice stands for these agencies.

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