02-04 March 2021 / ExCeL, London
Tue & Wed 10:00 – 18:00, Thu 10:00 – 16:00

Hadley - Innovation Trail

Hadley - Innovation Trail


HadleyUltraBOSS™ is Hadley’s innovative, patented technology which delivers a significant increase in the performance of rollformed profiles. UltraBOSS™ can be applied to custom profiles, whether they are made via the standard cold rollforming process or using the UltraSTEEL® process. By positioning the embossments in the corner of the profiles, overall stiffness is improved, along with the product’s geometry.

On stand, visitors will have the opportunity to see the results of Hadley’s innovative processes such as rollformed profiles which have been produced using the UltraBOSS™ process and marked with an identifiable Indicia stamp.

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  • At Hadley Group, innovation is at the core of everything we do. We have a range of patented processes and products such as UltraBOSS™ and UltraSTEEL®, however our innovation doesn’t end there. We encourage our employees to think differently, in order to continuously improve everything we do. Being an Innovation Partner at Futurebuild provides us with a platform to maximise our reach when it comes to ensuring the appropriate stakeholders are aware of our services and products. It also allows us to share ideas and solutions which ultimately lead to further success and ground-breaking achievements within the built environment.
    Dan Martin
    Director of Marketing at Hadley Group

About Hadley

HadleyHadley Group is a world leader in advanced cold rolled steel technology, with manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and more than 600 employees worldwide.

We deliver innovative solutions with applications across sectors as diverse as construction, automotive, industrial and agriculture.

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