07 - 09 March 2023 | ExCeL, London

07 - 09 March 2023
ExCeL, London

AJ Products UK Ltd

About us

Creating healthy workplaces for every business

AJ Products (UK) Ltd. is a full-service supplier of office and workplace furniture, school furniture, lockers and changing room facilities, canteen furniture, shelving and racking, premises management equipment and much more. Established in Sweden in 1975, the AJ Group covers 19 countries across Europe and opened in the UK in 1999. Our aim is the same now as it was 45 years ago: to provide the right products at the right prices in order to be a one-stop shop for all your workplace needs.

Our services

Our combination of over 20,000 quality products, expert knowledge, in-house design and manufacturing, and high service levels allows us to offer smart solutions for every workplace. We can provide everything from free-of-charge project planning and design suggestions to quick delivery and installation.

Launched in 2020, AJ Products can also offer a leasing solution for all your workplace furniture and equipment requirements. With affordable fixed monthly payments and no deposit upfront, our finance leasing plan allows any business to improve cash flow, complete financially-phased projects with immediate effect and provide high-quality modern equipment for your staff. We can lend to businesses of all types including start ups and sole traders. Furthermore, as all leasing payments are tax deductible, it is a solution that makes sense no matter your financial circumstances.

Our strengths

Everything we do, we do with a passion to deliver the best solution for each business. We sell tables, chairs and shelving, but that is not what our customers buy from us. They buy more modern offices, efficient warehouses and better workplaces. For 45 years we have studied our customers’ needs. By doing so we have a clear picture of what our customers want as well as what they need so that we can design and manufacture the best products to meet those requirements.
The close relationship between product development and our factories is a huge strength for AJ, allowing us to stay at the forefront of new product design and maintain high quality levels while minimising our environmental footprint. Thanks to our in-house design and production, we can develop flexible solutions that are right for your business. At AJ Products, we are always focused on your needs and helping you create the ideal workplace for your company.

Our mission to create healthy workplaces

In recent years, the business has dedicated its years of experience to developing a range of sit-stand office furniture to combat the dangers of sedentary behaviour at work. Furthermore, we have partnered with ukactive to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity both during and outside of work hours. There is extensive research to suggest that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to health conditions including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and musculoskeletal problems. Given the long hours many adults spend sitting down while at work, it is essential to combat this issue in the workplace: a concept that is increasing in popularity with businesses across all sectors as the importance of employee health and wellbeing becomes more widely acknowledged. At AJ Products, we think staying fit and healthy should be something that anyone can do, wherever they work. We encourage workers to get fit at their desks through our range of affordable sit-stand desks and active office furniture. Moreover, our solutions extend to all types of workplaces including workshops, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.
Our wide range features modern furniture with smart features designed to improve ergonomics, increase efficiency, inspire creativity and happiness, and last for many years. Find out how we can help you optimise your workplace to improve employee wellbeing and productivity.

Visit us at Futurebuild 2022 where we will have a selection of our bestselling solutions for you to discover. Don’t miss the opportunity to try out our standing desks, balance stools, desk bikes and more!

For more information on how we can support your business, visit www.ajproducts.co.uk or call us on 01252 359760 to speak to our sales team.

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