01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London


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C-Probe Systems produce smart, low carbon alkali-activated cementitious materials for the repair, protection, and monitoring of structural corrosion in the built environment. LoCem® is the base formulation for a family of low carbon alkali-activated cementitious materials (AACMs), blended from industrial waste by-products with no heat to provide repair mortars, anode mortars and concretes that offer over 80% CO2e reduction compared to Portland cements. LoCem® can be used for the increased durability, compliance to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and the retention of embodied carbon of new and existing structures. We have a diverse range of low carbon, anode products that can be used for a variety of structures, such as:

LoCem® Repair Mortars for Concrete Repair and Steel Protection

C-Puck Galvanic Anodes for Steel Protection

+point® anode ICCP System for the Protection of Heritage (stone and brick clad buildings)

+chase® anode ICCP System for Restoration of Reinforced Concrete Structures

+shot® sprayed AACM Concrete Anode System for Restoration of Reinforced Concrete Structures

C-Probe are pioneers of embedded sensing and online management of data, made possible through the integration of their corrosion mitigation systems to their open network systems. The Achilles Suite of Structural Healthcare Systems is where their corrosion management can sit comfortably alongside the choice from 45,000 additional, compatible control and monitoring nodes to add functionality and essential operating data to any plant, infrastructure, or building; making the Internet of Things accessible and simple to incorporate. These are then managed and controlled through the Achilles Interactive Management System (AiMS), which provides service life tracking and real-time resilience data around a structure’s performance.

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