01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

G2Techk Solar, Heating & Energy / G2Temps Low Carbon Infrared Heating Paint System

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G2Temps 24 Volt Low Carbon Infrared Heating System

Our state latest state of art, infrared heating paint & insulation technology innovation is an alternative to heat pumps and applied to wall, ceiling & floors for passive house heating, new build homes, retro fittings, refurbishment, redevelopments, businesses & buildings. The system has applications for the heating of vehicles, caravans, boats, and yachts & for de-icing of tarmac, runways, roads, motorways, drives and parking areas.

G2Techk Solar, Heating & Energy provides system design & installation throughout the UK & Internationally for low carbon heating, green energy, solar panel PV, solar tiles, inverter systems, solar technologies, battery & energy storage, EV charging, wind turbine & other alternative power and energy generation solutions.

G2Techk services include consultation, feasibility study, site survey, energy performance assessment & reports, annual system check, maintenance & solar panel cleaning packages.

Our experience and involvement in alternative energy has enabled us
to assess customer and client energy bills and monitor the supply, demand and price rises in the fossil fuel industry in general. We have seen how globally, nations committed to the 1997 Kyoto Treaty to reduce carbon emissions, through to 2008 where the push from to increase renewable energy solutions began, the launch of the UK’s renewable energy tariffs from 2011, to the most recent emergency global summits to address the unsustainability of current energy resources.

Our response to these events and the emerging need for alternative energy technology has been to spend several years carrying out extensive research and development to launch our own solutions. Drawing on our knowledge and experience in design, steel fabrication, build & construction, and solar & renewable energy installation we have developed innovative solar canopies, solar carports, solar verandas, solar awnings, solar glass houses for buildings, homes, patios, garden’s, land, businesses & industry. These are supported with battery storage solutions. These can be installed

1. as a solution where there is little or no roof space for solar panels.

2. where an existing solar panel array is not large enough to meet the needs of the home or business.

3. as a self-generating power plant for your own needs, and where needed off grid and standalone applications.

4. for solar farm installation and for supplying energy for business sites, local community energy generation projects and to the national power grid.

5. where shading and or cover is needed for the home, or business.

Installation costs are offset by energy generation, energy saving, selling on of your spare energy and by future proofing your energy supply. After the massive energy price rises of recent times and warnings that the future cost of energy will be even higher due to the depleting level of fossil fuels, public awareness is now at its highest level. We have been inundated with enquiries from homes, businesses, organisations, and industry after their realisation that it is now time for them to act and secure their own future energy sources.

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