01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

The Graphene Company (London) Ltd

About us

Graphenstone is one of the most certified sustainable paints company in the world and we are seeking to change the way you paint.

We offer ‘harm-free’ paints and primers, certified by the pre-eminent evaluators of products in the world, such as Cradle to Cradle Institute (we hold gold, silver and bronze certifications), Green Tag (Health Rate Platinum) and Eurofins Air Comfort (Gold).
Here are some of our unique characteristics;

Natural VOC Free paints
Chemical and preservative free
No plastics, petro-chemicals, preservatives
No Micro-beads
Air Purifying lime ranges – removing CO2 and other toxins
Fully breathable
Hardwearing – thanks to Graphenstone technology
96 luxurious flat matt colours – with a full range of over 1000 shades. We colour match too!
Excellent coverage


All our plastic pots use 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. While there are no plastics or micro-beads in our products, we use plastic pots, due to the High pH value of our lime and silicate based products, to avoid corrosion. All our packaging, for transporting the products to our customers, is also fully recycled and recyclable.
Ecology and sustainability is at the heart of the Graphenstone brand and everything we do.

Our natural healthy products contain pure inert carbon based ‘graphene’ technology. This super strong, Nobel prize winning 21st Century discovery forms a powerful mesh at the molecular level of these natural products, offering supreme strength and performance. Our paints are Class 1 in durability.

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