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Envelope Architects provides fresh and exciting ideas for the construction industry. The practice has generated a series of pioneering concepts with the aim to catapult Architecture and design into the future. Our focus is to design our way through the damage caused by global warming and to safeguard our planet.


Micheldever Close
RG28 7JJ
United Kingdom
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  • Our Big Innovation Pitch Submission can make a huge change to our world. 

    We are proposing a revolution in how we move goods and people around; fill the skills crisis; liberate a new workforce. We suggest a series of new living concepts and vehicles that could reduce the global impact on our planet.

  • Tiered Eco-City is a self-financing, self-sustaining infra-structure.

    It challenges the spatial ‘rules’ that seem to govern current planning policy. Instead the emphasis is placed on stacking ‘layers’ to maximize development land, with each layer responding to its social, environmental and economic needs. By creating a vertical mix-used infrastructure, the land take is minimized, urban intensification is achieved and a rich intensity of living, working, playing, learning and caring is created. 

  • Hyper Living - to enhance movement of micro flats, offices, retail units and hotel suite.

    Let's convert sea containers that can slide under the hyperloop or elevated railways. Be parked on rerserviors and stack in plug and play sky garden towers.

  • Making Tidal Power Lagoons work harder by becomoing home to floating towns.

    The lagoons will generate power, protect cities from rising sea levels; become a safe haven for thousands of mobile homes and perhaps promote free range fish farming. With land costs escalating there is potential to capitalise on the Blue Revolution, this is a viable approach to expand the world’s coastal cities.

  • Pod & Perch - ‘Go anywhere off-grid lodges’ for extreme hospitality.

    Our Super lightweight lodges can be air lifted into the most remote environments. The selection options for materials and finish are expansive - so whether you desire a no-frills rugged self sustainable product or a high end luxury jewel in the landscape. We can delivery your dreams.

  • “Bloom” A Custom Build Solution celebrating sculptural living. The terraced street to inspire 24 hour living to combat lonliness.

    Let's make buildings affordable through automated mass production, but with infinite customization. Bloom terraces are adaptable, promote mixed use to enliven the typical Suburban landscape to celebrate the collective community.

  • Flood Resilient Dwellings that enhances nature and well being.

    The Orbital masterplan provides a solution to building in flood zones. Interconnecting carport ringlets create continuous wilderness parks.Roof top garden permits gardening in privacy. Underground waste / rainwater is collectied as part of a circular economy system.   

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