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Hope Resources

Hope Resources

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The Hope Resources Vacuum Reforming process is a computer controlled adiabatic reaction that converts carbon based materials into Cold Clean Syngas and ‘ash’.  The process operates in a closed environment at negative pressure and emits nothing to the environment.  There is no need to segregate or unify the input material and there is a zero eventual waste stream from the process.  

Mixed, unsorted, unsegregated waste is fed into the unit.  Almost any old carbon based waste, old tyres, mattresses, paper, card, biomass, rubber, any plastic, expanded polystyrene, coal, clinical waste, food waste, just about everything you put into any bin - all processed with zero emissions to the environment.  (Glass & Metals are recovered for recycling)

The output is an industrial ra material, Syngas.  It can be used as an industrial burning gas directly or used in both IC engines and gas turbines.  Alternatively, using off the shelf ‘gas to liquid’ technology it can be converted to Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oil, Jet A equivalent, Diesel or converted to Ammonia, Fertilisers or Pure H for Fuel Cells . . . there are many other products and applications.

There is no requirement for huge pre-construction civil engineering, all that is required to install a Vacuum Reforming plant is a level, flat concrete apron. Reforming units do not have to be sited under cover, they are standardised 3 ton/hour modular units.  There is no requirement to determine the overall size of a project at the design stage.  Projects can begin with 1 modular unit and grow organically into a cluster to match demand.


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