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Redheat Solutions

Redheat Solutions

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Redheat infrared heating film - Redheat is an ultra-thin heating mat (0.5mm) that is highly energy efficient and emits clean and healthy radiant heat (with the added benefits of far infrared radiation). Redheat can be simply fitted on walls, floors or ceilings, underneath almost any material, e.g. plaster, tiles, carpet, laminate, vinyl, etc. Installation is quick, easy and economical with minimal time and materials required. It is a safe, low electricity product and is manufactured in the UK.

Redheat provides a complete, low energy, heating solution and can replace inefficient radiator systems or expensive underfloor heating systems, with a much lower running cost. The film's unique graphite-graphene-carbon crystal content emits Far Infrared radiant heat which heats the people and the objects in the space, rather than the air which moves up and cools.

Redheat provides a virtually invisible, safe, economical and easy to install heating solution for retrofitting or new build homes and businesses. 

Redheat is a sustainable and healthy heating solution for interiors refurbishment due to the way that it provides heat for a space. This virtually invisible heating solution is hidden in the floors, walls or ceilings and therefore doesn’t collect dust, particles and other allergens, or move them around the room - as seen with air blown heating systems. The low voltage and low operating temperature also eliminate the risks of burns or injury from hot radiators and others similar solutions.

With Redheat, there are also the additional health benefits provided by the Far Infrared radiation (the safest segment of the sun’s rays) that is emitted from the sheets. A recent review summarises the benefits of Far Infrared (FIR) rays as “increasing artery blood flow and peripheral blood circulation, improving endothelial function, alleviating fatigue and pain, reducing blood pressure, and promoting capillary dilatation” (Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2015 Oct; 240(10): 1257–1265). 


Unit 19
Slader Business PArk
BH17 0GP
United Kingdom
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