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Construction Leadership Challenge: Delivering on the ambitions of the Construction Sector Deal

28 Jan 2019

Construction Leadership Challenge: Delivering on the ambitions of the Construction Sector Deal

Andy Mitchell, Co-chair Construction Leadership Council and CEO, Tideway

With the launch of the Transforming Construction Alliance (and the confirmation of bids for the first round of R&D funding), the intent of the Sector Deal is increasingly clear. At Futurebuild, I will be hosting a session, focusing on the opportunities that are available to our industry if we are successful in delivering on the ambitions of our Sector Deal. 

Before I get into the detail of what the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) is doing to drive the Sector Deal, it’s worthwhile reminding ourselves what the deal is for – and where the focus lies.  The overriding priority for the deal is to deliver better performing assets at a lower cost – meaning we can deliver more houses and schools and more road and rail capacity to UK plc.  In doing so, we will create better jobs, use less energy and will deliver better value from the UK’s £600 billion infrastructure investment pipeline.

The CLC’s role has been to build a shared vision between government and industry and to focus attention on core areas of digital, manufacturing and asset performance.  In driving this agenda, we have always kept in mind the diversity of the industry and the very real challenges faced by businesses, whether in connection with skills, payment or investment.

Achievable Transformation

To achieve the industry transformation that we all want will need a combination of focused innovation, particularly on new products and processes and digitised methods of construction.  It will also rely on new approaches to procuring construction – backed up by a presumption for offsite methods and the development of long-term, collaborative relationships between clients and their integrated supply chains.  CLC-backed initiatives including the CITB’s updated skills strategy, the Transforming Construction Alliance and the Procure for Value initiative support this direction of travel.

These are ambitious proposals, but practical steps are already being taken.  As a result, I want my session at Futurebuild to focus on the opportunities available to the industry to get directly involved.  Sam Stacey and Peter Caplehorn will be available to discuss how the innovation programme is evolving and will give practical examples of some of the new ways of working that are under development.  Lynne Sullivan will provide an update on the critical work of the Green Construction Board and Julia Barrett will demonstrate the steps that construction businesses are already taking to respond to market demand.  Ann Bentley’s work on Procure for Value will highlight that whilst innovation is essential it needs to be backed up by good practice and culture to ensure that all of the supply chain benefit.

There is little doubt that, with Brexit upon us, there has rarely been a more challenging time for the industry.  My predecessor, Andrew Wolstenholme, coined the phrase, ‘never waste a good crisis’ at the start of the last recession, and I am making it my mission as vice-chair of the CLC to make sure that the industry is able to participate in and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Construction Sector Deal.  Come and join me and the panel at Futurebuild to find out more. Register for your place here.

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