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Rebel Leadership: The Challenge to Achieve Real Change

08 Feb 2019

Rebel Leadership: The Challenge to Achieve Real Change

Kirsten Henson, Director KLH Sustainability
Rebel Leadership: The Challenge to Achieve Real Change

There seems to be a growing consensus that we are running out of time in our fight against planetary destruction -  oceans choked with plastics, toxic cities and ever-increasing carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere.

Add to this the increasing frustration against the lack of opportunity for social mobility, inequal access to education and healthcare and it is not surprising that people are starting to call for a different type of leadership.

Amongst all of this, there is an increasing awareness that new disruptive business and economic models are required to create a paradigm shift. But where are those leaders to be found; in government, in industry, in business or on the street? Can positive forces for change thrive in the structure of large organisations where the business culture may dictate the way things are done? Can rebellion occur against the backdrop of societal norms and expectations, or in the face of economic realities? Do governments place barriers to rebellion, intentional or otherwise? It is these questions that the ecobuild conference session at Futurebuild on the 07 March 2019 endeavours to explore.

I have been called a rebel myself, and I took offence at what I perceived to be a slight. With hindsight I now realise what a compliment it is. The world needs more rebels.

Those in management positions, whether government or industry, need to learn to nurture not fear the rebel. And of course, we rebels need to become experts in our craft, to know where the boundaries lie so that we may play beyond them. We need to hone our skills of negotiation and empathy to lead change, where fear and uncertainty is paralysing the many. One must be robust enough to persevere in the face of disappointment and to acknowledge our own weaknesses.

Whether personal change, business change, or indeed widespread governance and fiscal change there will always be fear. But the opportunity, and indeed the desperate need, for new entries to the market place, for defining new ways of working and for redefining wealth across the globe has got to be worth the risk.

If you feel in need of gentle encouragement to set your sights high, ignore whatever societal pressures you feel to conform, and to break the mould, well, I hope to see you at 13.30 on 7th March. Register for your free place here.


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