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The Office of the Future: What can we expect to see in 2030

14 Feb 2019

The Office of the Future: What can we expect to see in 2030

Russell Owens, Marketing Director ZIP Water UK

We are entering a period of big change for commercial interior design, with flexible working, health and wellbeing, and sustainability increasingly becoming the top priorities for countless businesses. As we step into the future, we can only expect to see more and more innovative building and design solutions that address these developing trends. It’s a serious question – a decade on, what transformation can we expect in modern office spaces?

Flexible Environments

Co-working and flexible working spaces are on the rise, with the likes of The Office Group, Soho House Co and WeWork leading the way. In 10 years, we can expect to see more traditional offices following suit and developing flexible working environments for staff.

Rather than be desk-bound, spaces that encourage collaboration, relaxation and creativity will be more of a norm. Workspaces will be designed with people’s wellbeing and productivity in mind - breakout areas for solitude, bright kitchens for socialising and communal areas for teamwork.

The divide between commercial and residential interiors will continue to blur – say goodbye to that bulky water cooler and stark, soulless kitchen, the future office is an uncluttered and welcoming work environment that suits the new flexible working style.

Healthy Workforces

Healthier employees benefit everyone. Healthy staff are not only happier and more energetic but are also more productive and less likely to take sick leave – it’s a win-win! An easy place to start encouraging better wellbeing is with hydration. Poor hydration can affect employees physically and mentally, cause fatigue and induce negative moods. Drinking water is a key component to consider for a health-conscious office space.

We expect to see more office spaces providing employees with easy access to high-capacity, advanced filtered, mains-fed drinking water systems that encourage hydration. This comes with the added benefit of reducing unnecessary plastic waste - such as single-use cups and water bottles - helping improve businesses’ sustainability credentials.

Light and Bright

Light is a key factor we consider when building or buying a home, and it is rapidly becoming a more important factor in office spaces. With poor lighting having the potential to contribute towards eyestrain, productivity loss and headaches, it’s no small matter. Providing suitable lighting will not only enhance staff productivity but support better sleep quality – great for employee morale and general wellbeing.

We can expect the future office design to take this into further consideration - not only the use of natural light from windows, but the positioning and quality of artificial lighting installed. Say goodbye to harsh strip lighting, electronic lighting that mimics natural light is a key trend for future workspaces.


The Government has already stated its intention to accelerate clean energy innovation and half the energy costs of new buildings by 2030. Offices also have a responsibility to make more sustainable choices and to encourage staff to make changes for a greener future.

It may not be visible, but what is powering our workplaces is changing. There are now several energy providers such as Bulb, Green Energy UK, PurePlanet and more who supply 100% renewable electricity, which can make a huge difference. According to Bulb, each year their average member saves 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, which has the same effect as planting 655 trees.

The Office of the Future?

With Futurebuild bringing together the very best and latest innovation, technology and products for the built environment, we can see the offices we want to see in 2030 are completely within reach. Offices that maximise on sustainability and wellbeing are the future and we’re excited to see the benefits they will bring to staff and the environment. To experience the innovation for yourself, register for Futurebuild now.

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