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In the news

In the news

  • A £6m social housing project is to become the first in Northern Ireland to use factory-made homes which can be assembled on site in a day.

  • The first four of London’s new water fountains have been used tens of thousands of times since they were installed

  • Leader in considerate construction in waste management makes highest level of commitment to improving industry’s image.

  • Survey identifies perception of industry as main challenge to attracting future workforce
  • The government must go further in its efforts to promote offsite technologies in the construction industry, a report by the House of Lords has said.

  • But James Brokenshire has not confirmed funding for the scheme

  • Construction industry has become symbol for dismal productivity record
  • Environment secretary Michael Gove to banish house coal to curb harmful emissions

  • The Bathroom Manufacturers Association, BMA is working to influence the development of an international standard for a banding system to indicate the efficiency of water-using fittings and appliances, which will encourage water saving throughout the world.

  • Robert Woodhead’s National Space Centre Ultra Site receives stratospheric praise from Considerate Constructors Scheme 
  • Environmental group says the plan illegally breaches UK’s climate change policy

  • Jones wins with 52% of the vote, Elsie Owusu left in second place after fighting a contentious campaign

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