01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

Skills shortage in 4 key job roles and 3 sector challenges holding back home decarbonisation


The report Foresighting Skills for Net Zero by the net zero innovation centre Energy Systems Catapult and funded by the Gatsby Foundation, found the UK education system and the wider sector were “underprepared for this retrofit revolution”.

The review found that the emerging Net Zero home retrofit market needed to decarbonise eight homes every minute for the next 29 years in order for the UK to achieve its ambition of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. This required “substantial growth and change within the supply chain to meet the challenge of quality, scale and complexity within a relatively short time frame”.

In the short term, there was skills gaps that needed prioritising to build a sustainable market and help address existing latent demand, including roles in:
• Property assessment
• Advice and customer care
• Low carbon heating installation
• Technology integration

In the medium term, the research identified three key challenges that the sector must address to develop the market, stimulate demand, and increase capacity and skills provision, across the supply chain:
• Consumer Confidence and Trust
• Quality and Governance
• Integration

The review found the educational system and the wider sector is underprepared for this retrofit revolution. Higher Education and Further Education curricula focus almost entirely on new build and fossil-fuel burning technologies, to the detriment of retrofit and low carbon technologies. This challenge must be addressed collaboratively, building on existing best practice, identifying gaps and bringing together different elements of the supply chain to create joined up solutions that will work for customers and businesses alike.

Download the report from Energy System’s Catapult Website to learn more.

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