01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

34 tonne offsite lifting system


Bespoke design, manufacture, test and certification.
The client approached us to help improve and streamline the lifting operation of their modules during installation. Their existing system was a fixed length (self-weight of 4.2 tonne) lifting beam rig (1 over 3) which was heavy, difficult to handle and adjust. We designed and supplied 6 off 11 tonne telescopic spreader beams (3 off 2.5m – 4m and 3 off 4m – 6m) reducing rigging weight by almost 50%, to 2.2 tonne.
These allowed a quicker adjustment during installation of different sized modules, reduced the overall rigging weight and improved manual handling.





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