01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

01 - 03 March 2022 | ExCeL, London

Nexus Hot Water Tank


Our brand new edition to our Hot Water Tanks. The Nexus tank has a UK design IP owned by us and both display, design and software features were led by our experienced teams. It features a storage capacity of 2.4 litres insulated in a foil blanket for heat retention. It has a heating element outside of the water to reduce the wear caused by limescale, increasing the life of the heater. An expansion vessel is fitted inside the unit doing a couple of tasks. Firstly,to slow the flow of water making the stream of near boiling water safer, produced as a nice smooth stream with no spitting. It is used to suck back the excess water left in the pipe when you turn off the boiling lever.
The heater is 1.5Kw as apposed to a kettle being 3Kw. In standby it generally heats up every 20 minutes for approx.20 seconds to keep the water at temperature. We designed the front of the unit to offer a familiar user experience with a touchscreen section where it shows the temp of the water, informs you when it is heating, and displays the life of the filter. Adjustable temperature settings from 45 to 98-degree C.
Safety systems include a dry burn float to stop the unit heating if the water level is too low and overheat protection. The software inside has additional settings allowing the reheat point of the water to be adjusted and the volume of water through the filter gauge. The filter adjustment is used to improve the lifespan in hard water areas, as the filter needs replacing sooner.
It is an open vented design meaning the water is not stored under pressure so does not require external venting, vessels in the plumbing. Having near boiling water on tap like this allows for the reduction of water use because you do not have to let the tap run to get the water warm. Cooking tasks become easier having near boiling water on tap. Our new INTU Nexus comes with an incredible 7-year warranty it is fully WRAS approved and has an A rating energy efficiency. It is RoHS compliant and CE Marked.





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