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Anne Jaluzot

Anne Jaluzot

Anne Jaluzot

Lead researcher, Trees & Design Action Group

Anne is an urban planner, with 15 years of experience primarily gathered in the US and the UK in environmentally led approaches to urban policy, design and regeneration. She has worked for the City of Chicago supporting the development, implementation and monitoring of the City’s innovative urban greening programmes.

In the UK, as part of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), she has led CABE Space’s input into a wide range of local green infrastructure planning initiatives and associated knowledge building and policy efforts. Anne now works as an independent consultant continuing to advise on, assess, facilitate or lead the development of tools, strategies, projects and knowledge on urban greening. This brought her to conduct the research and writing of the Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG)'s two latest publications: Trees in the Townscape: A Guide for Decision Makers (2012) and Trees in Hard Landscapes: A Guide for Delivery (2014) – two action-oriented urban forestry best practice guides on using trees in 21st century cities (see www.tdag.org.uk). Anne is currently developing a third companion publication: Trees, Planning and Development: A Guide for Delivery to be released later in the year.


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