02-04 March 2021 / ExCeL, London
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Peter Wharton, MICFor

Peter Wharton, MICFor

Peter Wharton, MICFor

Director, Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants

Peter is the director of Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultants, a multi-discipline consultancy combining topographical surveys, tree & ecology consultancy and landscape architecture. Having served as a tree officer for a variety of Local Planning Authorities including Birmingham City Council, now recognised as a Tree City by the UN and Arbor Day Foundation, Peter started the company in 2008, 3 weeks prior to the recession. 12 years on, it is now a well respected company that proactively engages with architects, developers and land-owners to prioritise the benefit of considering green and blue infrastructure through the design and planning processes to ensure there is a long term benefit realised by the end user.

The company has a very clear vision which is to ‘Create a future where we live in balance with, and connected to, nature by increasing our understanding of natural infrastructure and guiding its enhancement in the places we live, play and work’. 

Whether you’re looking to plan, develop or manage your site, we provide the natural advice you need to successfully balance commercial, environmental and human needs, naturally increasing the true value of your land or property. 

As a company we consider ourselves the love-child of Ray Mears and Kevin McCloud, spanning two worlds we bring together the natural and the man made in passionate, dynamic fashion. 


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