02-04 March 2021 / ExCeL, London
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Roeland van Delden

Roeland van Delden

Roeland van Delden

CEO, Leadax B.V.

Roeland is the founder and CEO of Leadax Innovations, a developing and manufacturing company of circular building materials based in the Netherlands. They are using waste as raw material, which normally would be incinerated or buried. This safes large amounts of CO2 emission. And after its lifecycle it can recycled again for new Leadax materials.

In 2017 Leadax launched a replacing material for the toxic heavy metals lead and cupper. These metals are used at residential buildings for flashing and waterproofing. The competitive advantage of working with waste is a low cost price.  Leadax flashing is already available in 15 countries.

In 2020 they will launch a 100% sustainable and recyclable single-ply roofing membrane which is totally made out of waste. Leadax Circular Roofing will be a gamechanger.

Roeland is also owner of parent company Bitufa that manufactures asphalt membranes. The future lack of fossil raw materials like asphalt inspired them to develop membranes out of waste, which are durable and can be recycled. Their mission is to use today’s waste to prevent global waste forever.


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