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'Take a stand for a better built environment and net zero outcomes' Futurebuild organisers urge

Futurebuild, the ‘industry stage’ for building product innovation, has announced that it is ‘Taking a Stand’ for a better built environment as part of a launch initiative for next year’s event. It is also urging companies and professionals throughout the construction supply chain to make a similar commitment by ‘taking a stand’ on an issue they passionately believe will help propel the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Martin Hurn, Event Director at Futurebuild said: “Futurebuild is taking a stand for the future of the built environment and is calling on the industry to take a stand with us. Real progress on serious issues such as net zero is made when people come together. Our event’s core is sustainability, but if you’re equally as passionate about diversity or bridging the construction skills gap as you are innovation or improved building standards, next year’s Futurebuild is your stage to showcase that commitment and take a stand.”

Now in its 17th year, Futurebuild – formerly known as Ecobuild – has driven the sustainability agenda by providing a showcase for products and materials that support innovation for the safer, smarter creation of net zero buildings. As well as attracting hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of decision makers, this leading built environment trade event hosts a stellar line-up of 300 distinguished industry speakers across 10 stages. In terms of visitors, 81% of attendees are managerial level or above, they’re senior decision makers with purchasing power.

“Our audience are as passionate as we are about creating a better built environment,” Martin Hurn continued. “At last year’s show we hosted the Architect Climate Action Network (ACAN), which is representative of the positive activism many in the industry are calling for to address the building industry’s carbon output. Therefore, whether you’re a professional institution that wants to take part in our speaker programme, you’re looking to host a fringe event or launch a new product, Futurebuild is your ideal platform.”

Next year’s Take a Stand initiative has already been eagerly received. Dwayne De Silva, Business Develop Manager at AirEx Technologies revealed his commitment to a better built environment at a launch event for Futurebuild 2023. “I’m taking a stand for ventilation,” he said “Currently, there’s a huge emphasis within the UK to insulate homes. But one of the key challenges we face when insulating properties is a large build-up of damp and mould, which could lead to these same properties overheating if insulation is seen as the only solution. Therefore, we also need think about how we ventilate our homes.”

In addition, Oliver Baker, CEO at Ambient Heating, announced his company was taking a stand for delivering net zero, and the decarbonisation of heat into building types, such as smaller homes and high-rise, multi-occupancy properties, that were not particularly appropriate for air source heat pumps. “We want to do this as cost-effectively as possible for landlords whilst ensuring residents avoid fuel property,” he said.

From architects, housebuilders and developers, through to consultants, contractors and manufacturers, Futurebuild attracts representatives from across the building supply chain. The majority of attendees (75%) are drawn to the event in order to discover new innovations. In terms of values, Futurebuild organisers will certainly ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to the event’s emissions footprint. It’s hoped that future shows will be net zero, with plans to improve the sustainable outcome of Futurebuild 2023 by implementing zero-waste measures and encouraging visitors to cycle or use public transport to attend.

“Everyone in the supply chain has a solution that can make a positive change,” Martin Hurn said. “Futurebuild 2023 is the ultimate stage to showcase that commitment to the creation of a better building industry and achieving net zero. Therefore, our question to UK construction professionals and bodies in relation to sustainability is a simple one: ‘What are you taking a stand for’?

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