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Make a lasting impact at Futurebuild

Our theme for 2025: Impact embodies our commitment to making a positive and lasting impact on the built environment industry and the communities we serve, with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

Exhibiting at Futurebuild isn’t just a chance to showcase products—it’s an opportunity to make a genuine impact on the built environment.

Manufacturers like you have the chance to introduce materials, unveil innovations, and launch products that are pivotal in driving the creation of net-zero buildings. It’s more than just display—it’s about discovery.

Have you got a sustainable solution that can create a positive impact on the built environment?

An audience that can impact your business

Futurebuild brings together the entire construction supply chain, from architects to manufacturers to foster positive business relationships and drive industry-wide change.


Futurebuild 2024 impact Report

Once again thousands of sustainability leaders united at Futurebuild to address critical issues, showcase innovation and demonstrate their commitment to leaving a lasting positive impact on the built environment.

Thanks to our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners and attendees for their continued support as Futurebuild enters its 20th year.

Take a look at our post event report for highlights and insights and start planning your involvement for 2025.

The impact of live events

Trade shows offer unparalleled opportunities that surpass digital ads, roadshows, and magazine ads. Visitors actively decide to attend, making them a highly engaged audience intent on researching or purchasing products and services. For exhibitors trade shows offer real-time feedback, market insights, brand impact, and unmatched networking possibilities.

With 70% of Futurebuild attendees seeking new suppliers and 74% involved in purchasing decisions, exhibiting provides access to a concentrated pool of decision-makers actively seeking solutions within your industry.

Receive quality leads

Exhibitors see Futurebuild as the ultimate platform to position themselves as sustainability champions, raise brand awareness, and cultivate valuable relationships.

Having received an average of 205 leads per exhibitor in 2024, it is no surprise that hundreds of solutions suppliers have already rebooked for Futurebuild 2025.

As well as delivering leads, we’re delivering impact, and that is through quality. Futurebuild attracts the most influential professionals from right across the built environment. As a result, the leads you acquire will be relevant, engaged, and genuinely interested in the products or services you offer. This quality of leads is what sets Futurebuild apart from other events.

IMPACT your target audience of senior decision-makers and specification influencers:

Futurebuild unites the entire specification chain with Architects, Contractors, Developers, Consultants, Engineers, Clients, Surveyors and Facilities Managers in attendance.

Meet the professionals pivotal in shaping specifications and purchasing decisions. Exhibitors at Futurebuild have the exclusive opportunity to connect with industry decision-makers and specification influencers, all in one place, across three days.

These professionals operate across various industries, including the following:



Houses and Apartments



Commercial, retail, offices, hospitality & leisure



Public utility buildings

Futurebuild provides a lasting impact

Our content serves a purpose beyond checkbox exercises. Our commitment to achieving net-zero is more than just a buzzword, it’s ingrained in our culture and guides every decision we make for the event. But don’t just take our word for it.

Tom Lowe

Futurebuild’s main impact is fostering collaboration and showcasing products, allowing for meaningful discussions and hands-on experiences with new technologies.

Laurent Verheyden

Futurebuild is crucial for challenging the status quo and pushing industry boundaries. It connects us with like-minded individuals and customers interested in current and future construction innovations. This platform showcases both readily available innovations and those still in development, highlighting progress over the past 20 years and looking ahead to the next 20.

Martin Twamley

Futurebuild is a crucial event for Steico UK, allowing us to engage with the architectural and specification communities and those passionate about sustainable building products. It provides valuable insights into market trends, product development, and system innovations. The event is a significant opportunity for learning and collaboration, challenging us and shaping our approach to sustainable construction. 



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