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Net Zero Pioneer special: 60 seconds with hub.brussels


  1. What is ecobuild.brussels by hub.brussels and when was it established?

hub.brussels, the economic development agency of the Brussels-Capital Region has a worldwide presence through its diplomatic network often within Belgian embassies around the world. Its economic expertise is organised along sectoral clusters of expertise. ecobuild.brussels, its oldest professional cluster, was established in 2006 and hosts 250 of Brussels’ most experienced sustainable construction and renovation experts.

  1. What is the purpose of ecobuild.brussels by hub.brussels?

ecobuild.brussels is a strong advocate of sustainable construction in Brussels and abroad. As an actor of change, ecobuild.brussels focuses on the renovation of the existing building stock and on the circular aspects of construction. Members of ecobuild.brussels are offered five services: networking, knowledge sharing, individual coaching, visibility and internationalisation. For this last purpose we are delighted to be present at Futurebuild to exchange and showcase our know-know, expertise and vision.

  1. What difference is ecobuild.brussels by hub.brussels making to improving the built environment and getting the industry towards its net zero target?

To achieve its ambitious climate goals, the Brussels Government has launched a public-private alliance for the climate, for employment and to reduce energy bills. The Brussels renovation strategy, RENOLUTION, sets a consumption target of 100kWh/m²/year in primary energy for residential buildings by 2050, i.e. an average level of performance equivalent to a PEB C+ for the entire stock. Within the framework of this alliance, ecobuild.brussels is centring its actions and services to members and other actors with the aim to increase the number of sustainable and circular renovation projects in Brussels and abroad, to increase the level of competence of professionals and finally, to increase building owners’ commitment to energy transition.

  1. What can Futurebuild visitors expect to learn about ecobuild.brussels by hub.brussels?

Brussels is Europe’s sustainable construction lab. Since 2015 the passive standard compulsory for all new construction and heavy renovation projects in the Brussels-Capital Region. Brussels companies therefore benefit from immense expertise and experience in sustainable construction, and more specifically in the construction of high energy performance buildings. Visitors can expect a wide array of Brussels construction companies showcasing their know-how, services and materials to construct the buildings of tomorrow. In addition, visitors will also learn how to invest intelligently in the Brussels region and make sustainable partnerships.

  1. What is hub Brussels Taking a Stand for?
    1. Brussels is taking a stand for circular retrofitting
    2. Brussels is taking a stand for regenerative urbanism
    3. Brussels is taking a stand for futureproof real estate
    4. Brussels is taking a stand for a healthy living environment

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