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Greenwashing – what’s true, what’s not, and does it matter?

Opinion piece by Charlie Martin, Co-Founder at The Anti-Greenwash Charter

Earlier this month, The Anti-Greenwash Charter carried out an industry-wide survey with Futurebuild. The survey report – ‘Greenwashing – what’s true, what’s not, and does it matter?’ – includes data on how greenwashing impacts the industry reputationally and commercially, and how it stands in the way of achieving valid sustainability goals.

The survey, of 420 businesses, sheds light on green claims and key findings include:
•    Nearly 90% said that greenwashing is a problem.
•    74% say it can lead to loss of reputation.
•    When asked what impression greenwashing can give, over 72% see it as dishonest and unethical. 
•    58% would remove a supplier from the supply chain if they are accused of or found guilty of greenwashing.
•    72% would be prepared to pay a higher price for a product with verified green claims.

For your copy of the full report, click here.

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