04-06 March 2025
ExCeL, London

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Allume Energy

SolShare: The world’s only technology for connecting multiple flats to a single rooftop solar PV system

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SolShare is the world’s only technology for connecting multiple flats to a single rooftop solar PV system and qualifies for SAP 10.

Classed as a direct connection of PV to each flat, SolShare PV systems qualify for the maximum SAP score uplift for PV, typically adding 5-15 points. All at a full-system installed price of between £2,000 – £4,000 – including panels, inverter, labour etc.

For maximum impact, you can allocate the kWp that’s connected to on a 0.1 kWp basis. This allows for you to tailor the benefits to where they’re needed across the building. For example, you can direct a higher kWp to flats with a lower base SAP score (often top and bottom floor flats). Typical use cases for this are:
– Brining flats with a variety of SAP/EPC rating to a uniform SAP/EPC band.
– boosting certain flats’ SAP scores to achieve a specific EPC target that is not possible through other methods.
– replacing expensive measures with SolShare to gain the same SAP score at a reduced price.

Details on how TopHat used SolShare to bring every flat in their development from an EPC C to and EPC B can be found in the supplied case study.

The SolShare hardware is added to a traditional solar system to enable it to be connected behind-the-meter to multiple apartments. The installation requires no changes to standard metering infrastructure and can be installed on both new builds and existing stock.

In addition to helping achieve SAP/EPC goals, residents will feel the multiple benefits of solar, including significantly reduced electricity bills.

Allume can provide a free assessment on your apartment building to give an idea of what a SolShare solar system would look like, with indicative costs and benefits.

Simply get in touch to learn more.

Recent Awards & Recognition:
– Ofgem ECO4 Innovation Measure of Substantial Uplift
– Energy Innovation Awards – Winner
– Housing Digital Innovation Awards – Winner

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