04-06 March 2025
ExCeL, London

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Thermino ePlus heat batteries are the compact, smart alternative to direct hot water cylinders for mains pressure hot water on demand. Thermino ePV can maximise off-peak/variable tariffs and drive savings. Plus, it is future-proofed for solar PV with an Optimino PV key.

Modular and scalable, our thermal batteries can be connected in series or in parallel to increase heat storage capacity. The four models available are the Thermino ePlus 70, ePlus 150, ePlus 210 and ePlus 300 – the sizes matched to the equivalent hot water cylinder.

Thanks to the highly energy dense Plentigrade phase change material which is at the core of the technology, Thermino ePlus is up to 4x smaller than the hot water cylinder it replaces, saving valuable space in the home. It’s super-easy to install, requires no mandatory annual maintenance, and its innovative design minimises risk of Legionella.

Connected to the grid, Thermino ePlus can shift demand to off-peak hours and when combined with an off-peak tariff, it helps save money too. If adding solar PV to the system, it’s simple to add the Optimino ePV key to take advantage of free solar electricity for all domestic hot water.

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Thermino xPlus

Thermino xPlus

The Thermino xPlus is the smart alternative to indirect hot water cylinders. Thermino xPlus works with boilers and heat pumps using the compatible Optimino key. Plus, when you’re ready, you

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