The Future of Lighting Design

Join Michael Grubb as he offers thoughtful insights into the future of lighting and how lighting designers can steer the course of the industry towards energy saving and sustainability.
Focusing on topics such as:
• The impact of digital transformation on the lighting industry
• The role of lighting design in the future
• How lighting designers can influence the adoption of the circular economy
These key topics are showcased through the innovative and award-winning West Downs Campus, University of Winchester project, a state-of-the-art facility for learning and teaching. Michael Grubb Studio’s lighting design created a welcoming environment that supports wellbeing, celebrates the architecture of the building and enhances the use of the space through thoughtful design and smart technology. Each space is fully configurable via the lighting control system, sensors and dimmers transition lighting from bright daylight to evening use, and pre-set and customisable scenes bring lectures and presentations to life.

Speaker: Michael Grubb, Founder and Managing Director, Michael Grubb Studio

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