04-06 March 2025
ExCeL, London

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Trailblazing Innovation

Futurebuild is the industry platform for innovation and has again partnered with game-changing brands known as Innovation Partners, to showcase their latest innovative technologies, products and services. 

Follow the Innovation Trail across the show floor to see these Innovation Partners. The Trail will give specifiers the opportunity to explore revolutionary products, solutions and materials and meet the leading thinkers behind innovations that will influence the future.  

Take a look at the 2024 Innovation Partners below.

innovation technology

Innovation PartnerS


Innovation Partner: MidKent College

MidKent College – Innovation Trail

MidKent College

Find us stand M46

MidKent College is the leader in delivering Kent’s Retrofit Academy eLearning courses.

Our expertise and deep industry understanding ensure our eLearning programs equip delegates for success in retrofitting.

Our focused eLearning offerings will empower you to excel. Explore our courses to attain recognised qualifications, and begin your journey to becoming a certified retrofit specialist.

Join MidKent College, the pioneers in Kent’s Retrofit Academy, to advance your career in retrofitting.

Innovation Partner: AICO


Aico, the European market leader in home life safety, will be showcasing their latest innovations at our upcoming event. Aico is renowned for pioneering new technologies and offering high-quality alarms that prioritize safety and peace of mind for homeowners.

Aico’s commitment to innovation and excellence in home safety aligns perfectly with the goals of our event, and we’re excited to have them on board to showcase their latest products and technologies. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how Aico is shaping the future of home life safety at our event.

Innovation Partner: BAUDER

Bauder Ltd


At Bauder, they believe that every flat roof installation deserves to be a success, and they pride themselves on offering a comprehensive range of rooftop solutions. With a fully integrated portfolio encompassing waterproofing, insulation, photovoltaic energy, green roof, and blue roof options, along with rooflights, outlets, and associated accessories, they ensure that clients have access to everything they need under one roof, right down to the smallest detail.

Their systems are installed exclusively by Bauder approved contractors, guaranteeing high-quality installations. The team of expert technical managers at Bauder is also available to conduct customised CPD seminars, assisting clients in enhancing their understanding of the systems and their application in both new build and refurbishment projects. You can catch them exhibiting at Futurebuild, showcasing their commitment to excellence in the industry.

Innovation Partner: SDS Limited

SDS Limited

An innovator in water technology, SDS identifies and delivers engineering solutions that enable global water infrastructure to operate sustainably and with maximum efficiency. In the 20 years since its founding, SDS has evolved to be a UK leader in sustainable drainage systems. Its comprehensive service range includes designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining water management systems which capture and treat water before controlling its return to the natural water cycle or retaining it for reuse or recycling. Each solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of individual projects whilst delivering the best value in every application SDS is appointed to. Committed to continually developing innovative engineering solutions to meet the increasing threat of water scarcity and forthcoming market requirements, SDS continues to strive for a water-secure future.

At Futurebuild, SDS will showcase a range of its latest innovations in water recycling technology. Each solution facilitates the adoption of rainwater harvesting to address the declining availability of potable water supplies whilst protecting developments from flooding and pollution. SDS will be taking a stand for water security.
SDS Limited is standing for water security at Futurebuild 2024.

Innovation Partner: LKAB Minerals

LKAB Minerals

LKAB Minerals is an international industrial minerals group with a leading position in a number of product applications. We develop sustainable mineral solutions in partnership with our customers, supplying natural minerals engineered for functionality and usability. LKAB Minerals has sales representation, offices, production units and deposits in 12 countries in Europe, Asia and the US and employs around 400 people. LKAB Minerals is part of the Swedish company LKAB, one of the world’s leading producers of highly upgraded iron ore products, and a major supplier of mineral products for other industrial sectors.

Innovation Partner: kensa

Kensa Contracting


Established in 1999, privately-owned, and headquartered in Truro, Cornwall, the Kensa Group is a fast-growing collection of award-winning businesses involved in the manufacture and installation of ground source heat pumps and the ownership of associated underground infrastructure.

What’s next for heating and cooling? Kensa Heat Pumps is set to unveil the next generation of home heating and cooling at Futurebuild 2024. Kensa will reveal its solution to help bring heat pumps to the masses, decarbonise current and future homes and create green jobs.

Innovation Partner: 540 World

540 World

540 WORLD is a regenerative circular design consultancy. We help the built environment industry transform products and projects to non-toxic, circular design through safe, circular and sustainably certified, planet- positive material choices.


MPA The Concrete Centre

The Concrete Centre provides material, design and construction guidance. Our aim is to enable all those involved in the design, use and performance of concrete to realise the potential of the material. They provide published guidance, seminars, courses, online resources and industry research to the design community.

Innovation Partner: Mixergy



The Concrete Centre provides material, design and construction guidance. Our aim is to enable all those involved in the design, use and performance of concrete to realise the potential of the material. They provide published guidance, seminars, courses, online resources and industry research to the design community.

Innovation Partner: Qvantum



Qvantum exist to provide a fossil-free heating system for apartment buildings, thereby eliminating gas usage in cities and offering an affordable heating solution for many people. We aimed to create a heat pump specifically designed for apartments, addressing the unique challenges posed by this setting. To date, we have achieved significant milestones. The Qvantum QG Apartment Heat Pump has been honoured with award-winning recognition at the prestigious design awards during the ISH exhibition and more recently the Domestic Heating Product of the Year at the H&V News Awards. These accolades validate the exceptional quality and innovation embedded in our technology.

In 2022, Hybrid Energy Storage became a wholly owned subsidiary of Qvantum, forming Qvantum Solution Design. Qvantum is a Swedish heat-pump systems and technology company with investors that include IMAS Foundation whom operate most of IKEA stores globally.

Innovation Partner: Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

At Dimplex, we’re working to build a more sustainable future. We’ve been a trusted leader in electric heating for over 70 years, dedicated to the design and manufacture of some of the most innovative and energy efficient heating solutions in the market. With a portfolio of smart electric radiators, heat pumps, fan coil units and more, we’re excited to return to the Futurebuild this year. 

Come and see us on stand K22 for giveaways, new heat pump technologies and learn about our highly efficient and innovative heating solutions for your sustainable housing and commercial projects.

Innovation Partner: Project better energy CURV360

Curv360 Limited

Project Better Energy

The Project Better Energy group focuses on transforming homes and enhancing businesses through state-of-the-art green technology.

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives with clean energy and make great things happen. We provide the highest level of service and a vast range of green-based products, allowing our customers to live smarter, save money, and help do their bit to protect our planet.

Project Better Energy takes pride in specialising in all elements of green technology, being the home of Project Solar UK, Project EV, and Project CURV. Through working together, our goal is to achieve a carbon net-zero, eco-friendly future.

Innovation Partner: NexGen Carbon Zero Ltd


NexGen Carbon Zero Ltd

Next generation ‘Net Zero’ heating solutions for housing and buildings. An organisation committed to a social and sustainable impact mandate, a green economy investment. UK designed, Far Infra Red graphene electric wallpaper, seamlessly integrated into any buildings, providing tenants and householders absolute granular control over when and how long to heat their homes. Linked with PV Solar and Smart Batteries we will directly attack fuel poverty while using the technology to mitigate damp and mould.

Innovation Partner: Alternative Heating Solutions

Alternative Heating Solutions Ltd

Alternative Heating Solutions

At Alternative Heating Solutions, we are aspiring to be a true alternative to mainstream heating system providers and installers.

We have combined a revolutionary infrared space heating technology with exhaust air or thermodynamic heat pumps for hot water provision. These technologies combined, offer our customers the true whole-house heating solution.

Infrared heating delivers comfortable radiant space heating that’s also efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Exhaust air heat pumps offer low energy consumption hot water heating coupled with a ventilation and heat recovery function. Thermodynamic heat pumps are another hot water heating solution with only one moving part – the refrigerant compressor – making them very easy to install and maintain. Thermodynamic heat pumps also benefit from an external heat exchanger panel, which when exposed to direct sunlight, boost the Coefficiency of Performance of the heat pump. Both exhaust air and thermodynamic heat pumps do not require the installation of an external condenser, making them best suited for city center locations and multistorey residential buildings.

We also understand that heating goes hand in hand with ventilation. Therefore, we offer excellent passive ventilation devices. These come in various models that feature: back drought prevention flap, background heater, particle filters, and external noise silencers.

We also provide conventional Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal collectors and are the MCS registered contractor.


Innovation Partner: Sugatsune UK Ltd​

Sugatsune UK Ltd

Sugatsune UK Ltd

Quality. Innovation. Service. For 90 years, these have been the values that have seen Sugatsune Kogyo grow from a local hardware store into a major global supplier of premium precision engineered components.

Founded in Tokyo in 1930, Sugatsune Kogyo is Japan’s number one component hardware manufacturer supplying the furniture, architectural, industrial and marine sectors. Our world-class distribution system now reaches 47 countries with offices in the Canada, China, Germany, India, and the UK.

Sugatsune Kogyo UK Ltd was founded in May 2005 to serve our growing European customer base.

Innovation Partner: ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


GREENTECH FROM AUSTRIA is promoting climate action worldwide. Austria has a concentration of know-how in the greentech sector that is unparalleled the world over. Countless innovation, technology and market leaders from the fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and environmental technology are based here. With their environmentally friendly and ecologically compatible solutions, companies from Austria are in the vanguard of efforts to enable sustainable use of our resources

Innovation Partner: The Concrete Futures

The Concrete Futures

The Concrete Centre is delighted to be part of the innovation trail at Futurebuild 2024. The Concrete Futures exhibition, to be featured on Stand F50, will showcase the latest innovations through real-life samples of concrete formulation, design or reuse that meet the carbon and circular economy credentials of a sustainable built environment. The stand will also feature technical guidance through Concrete Futures magazine and other literature focused on the specification of lower carbon concrete.


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