Space only stands

A space only stand does not come with any flooring, electrics, walling or furniture. It is a designated space in which the exhibiting company can build their own stand or bring in appointed external contractors to build the stand for them. 

It is your responsibility to order these in advance.

CANCELLATION OR AMENDMENT TO ELECTRICAL ORDERS – All exhibitors and contractors please note electrical orders cancelled or downgraded after close of business on X as subject to a 50% fee.

Please note that all stands with raised flooring require a ramp and all storage areas must have a vision panel. 

If you are unsure of your stand type please contact

You must submit your stand plans to Ops Squad as soon as possible so they may be checked to ensure that they comply with the venue and local authority regulations detailed later in this section. All space only stand plans must be submitted by 22nd January 2025 to

The stand plan review fee is £165 +VAT. This fee must be paid in full before permission to build can be granted. The fee should be paid to Easyfairs using the payment link below:

Click here to make your payment for Space Only Stand Plan review

Please be aware that any sent after this date may not be approved or given permission to build. 

These plans must include:

  1. Detailed drawings of your stand.
  2. All dimensions, detail build materials, include at minimum a ground plan and elevation drawing, include any inflatables or rigged elements, prove the structural stability, be specifically for this exhibition
  3. Stand life i.e. will you use your stand build for one, two or three years
  4. Your stand constructor’s public liability insurance
  5. A detailed Risk Assessment which must include details of any unusual exhibits or activities on the stand (any machinery, working kitchens, moving visitor attractions)
  6. A Method Statement
  7. A Health & Safety Declaration
  8. A Construction Phase Plan
  9. Full payment of the approval fee (see detail above)

All documents must be submitted in English and should clearly state the exhibiting company’s name, stand number and the contact name and company of the person responsible for the stand build. Approval must not be assumed until written approval is received. Once approval has been received no alteration may be made to the approved design without further approval being sought.


 Stand Construction Regulations

The regulations below are supported by and should be followed in conjunction with the current eGuide.

The overall height should not exceed 4000mm from venue floor level. Requests to build to heights over 4000mm will be considered provided that they are submitted to the Ops Squad team in writing. Please send any requests to

  • No more than 50% of any open side may be walled in.
  • Any rigging must be a maximum of 6m from the ground.
  • If you wish to wall in over 50% of an open side, walling should be stepped in 1m or made of translucent material.
  • On divided sites, it is the responsibility of each exhibitor to erect and decorate walls on their closed sides.
  • Space only stands building over 2500mm should decorate both the front and the back panels – no advertising material to be displayed onto neighbouring stands.
  • All construction and displays must be made from fireproofed materials and installed to the satisfaction of the authorities.
  • Exhibitors will be charged for making good any damage to the hall such as paint marks, tape, bolt/screw/nail holes etc.
  • You are responsible for examining your allotted space and building your stand within the correct floor markings – if you are in any doubt, please see the Organisers Office.
  • The reverse of walls over 2.5m must be dressed in white down to the height of 2.5m.
  • No graphics/ branding may be applied to the reverse of any party walling which overlooks neighbouring stands.
  • Your stand build, materials and dressing items must comply with eGuide and venue regulations.
  • Your stand build contractor must comply with CDM regulations and submit all required paperwork and documentation to Ops Squad, our appointed Stand Auditors by the plan submission deadline of 22nd January 2025 (email to

Complex Stands

Complex Stands are defined as:

  • Stand designs that contain any part of the stand which is over 4000mm in height
  • Stand designs including a platform of over 599mm above floor level
  • Stand designs or equipment that contains steps

In all COMPLEX cases, structural calculations providing the strength and stability of the complex structure will be required. If complex, fees are applicable, invoices for complex fees will be paid for in advance of the stand being approved. The exhibitor will be liable for all costs and charges relating to this.

All space only exhibitors must submit their Stand Plans, Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Insurance Certificates to Ops Squad:

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